cbj energy services

CBJ Energy is a leading energy solutions firm with senior operations executive experience and provides a focused, disciplined, and solution-oriented approach to making organizations better, more scalable, and more profitable. By applying our decades of experience in the energy sector and in management, we help entrepreneurs learn from models and expand businesses to new markets.

We are experts at creating direction and accountability for organizations.  We serve early stage, mid-stage, non-profit and government entities, particularly but not exclusively clean energy companies.   We build projects and grow organizations and help organizations with developing and executing on their strategies.  Our skills include:


1.       Developing and project financing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects using multiple financing stools

2.       Structuring energy efficiency and renewable energy transactions to maximize profits and energy savings or production

3.       Investing in technologies and business models which positively address climate change and provide attractive financial returns

4.      Raising capital for projects and core businesses for early stage companies


Project Management and Organizational Development

1.       Implementing clear and measurable goals and objectives

2.       Creating, reviewing and updating business plans, objectives, growth plans, performance metrics and rebooting organizations based on agreed upon targets while holding leadership accountable

3.       Developing and updating budgets

4.       Working with organizations to define and communicate roles and responsibilities and codifying organization charts, then setting appropriate expectations for staff so that they can be successful in their roles. 

5.       Organizing hiring plans and job descriptions, and recruiting appropriate staff


Business Development

1.       Helping companies expand, establishing strategic relationships and positioning companies for financing

2.       Assisting early stage start-up companies with raising capital for projects and their core business

3.       Deploying funding efficiently

4.       Researching and developing plans for growth

5.       Executing on plans to expand geographically, across new products and services

6.       Drafting, negotiating, and executing agreements with partners

7.       Assessing risks and managing prospective projects and services to take the most viable ones through development cycles

8.       Identifying and structuring partnerships and acquisitions `